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Inactivity - Zarayna - 26.04.2011 00:41

Okay, so due to my family's computer being pretty much unable to take M&B, I'll be going majorly inactive in Warband. I'll be able to get on a few times each week at the local library, but that's it. This could last for a few weeks, could be longer. Sad


RE: Inactivity - Daeran - 26.04.2011 13:01

Hope you will get it sorted soon.

I will use this thread for me two, my computer hard drive have been damaged, making me unable to use the computer. This me I will be inactive and that, for now most of my work is lost. With enough luck I could get some data back.

I will be unable to play for around one month, hoping for less and willl be able to hop on the forums\IRC when I can get my hand on Friends Laptop.

RE: Inactivity - Zarayna - 27.04.2011 14:41

Awesome news. M&B kept crashing the comp, so my parents banned it. However, I'm now being allowed to play it for a bit. Big Grin