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Application - Belendor - 08.08.2014 14:58

- In game name: Belendor
- Steam name (if you use it) : Belendor
- Real name (optional) : Efe
- Why you want to join ZHG : I know you guys for about 5 years now. Since I am a turkish player and only interferred with a foreign clan once in the earliest days of competitive scene where actually my main focus was on modding, why you may not know or heard of me. (I been in CoR for over a year.) But, the truth is I always liked the both concept and community of this clan. I am guessing lots of fun around here. It is also quite seducing for me to know you been doing modding stuff which makes us both in common. I can as well contribute to whatever modding problem you may have or not.
I also remember the days when we used to DJ with blixn in battlegrounds TS and when Nireco joined my gaming studio years back.

- Other games you like to play/interests: I like roleplaying mainly but also playing LoL, Warcraft, Age of Empires, Hearthstone...and some other games.
- Age - 19
- Location (optional) - Turkey.

RE: Application - Melons - 08.08.2014 16:26

Merhaba Belendor Big Grin. This is a pretty good application. First of all as a group we are quite inactive on warband at the moment but some of us still play fairly regularly and we are patiently waiting for bannerlord Tongue.

-I guess you know that we aren't a competitive clan?
-Do you know what IRC is? we mostly chat with each other on our channel (somewhat like the CoR xfire chat thing but browser based instead).
-If you had the choice of eating a Belgian waffle or poking Blixn in the eye which would you choose?
-Are you afraid of sentient robots?
-Cacik or Haydari?
-What's your favourite class in warband?
-Sorry if this is probing but why did you leave CoR?
-How many goatriders does it take protect the Queen of Zendar?

RE: Application - Nireco - 08.08.2014 16:57

The modding focus is probably an illusion, as I'm probably the only one who have really done more than a bit modding.

I feel like I should ask something here, but I'm not sure what to ask?

(08.08.2014 16:26)Melons Wrote:  -Do you know what IRC is? we mostly chat with each other on our channel (somewhat like the CoR xfire chat thing but browser based instead).

IRC itself is not really browser based. It is a protocol and there are both browser based and native client programs which implement the protocol. The browser based client is just much easier to give people, as server, channel and nick settings can be given in the link.

RE: Application - Belendor - 08.08.2014 20:27

Merhaba melons Smile

It sounds fair and square. I am submitting here knowing that. It should still be fun getting into siege together now and then. I am here to taste the community after all. Hehe.

That made me really happy knowing you are in IRC as well. I used to spend hours with IRC clan back in the days in their IRC channel. So I am totally aware of that protocol. Quakenet, right?

I would eat the belgian blixn and save the waffle for desert.

I do, that is why I save the waffle.

Haydari all the way.

I love all the classes. No favourite really. I am mainly an infantry, secondly a cav then an archer. But there are times I got the archery position in my team too if needed.

Actually, I didn't. I had to go passive for studies. Then things got in the way and I found myself in WTF. No hard feelings though, I love CoR.

A few, queen is a self-sufficient godess am sure. She wouldn't need anyone to hold her hand. Lol.

Well, nireco. I will be around if accepted, would love to help.

RE: Application - TheRedViper - 09.08.2014 11:59

Hello Belendor Big Grin
I don't think I've seen you on the server before, but I look forward to playing with you Big Grin

RE: Application - Gragnok - 09.08.2014 15:26

hahah good response to Melons questions. Hopefully i shall see you on the server soon Smile

RE: Application - Belendor - 09.08.2014 17:38

Hehe. So, what do I do next? Lol

RE: Application - Gragnok - 09.08.2014 17:46

You have been accepted as an Apprentice. This means you can and should use the ZHG_Apprentice tag and join IRC. The link for IRC is in the top right hand corner of the forum and says "chat"

You are now a representative for ZHG so you should avoid trolling, abusive behaviour and language on all servers.

It is very important that you use IRC if you wish to be accepted into ZHG as a full member.

The trial phase lasts approximatley 14-30 days During that time you should demonstrate to other members why they should vote to accept you as a full member. The best way to do this is join IRC and chat and attend the bi weekly Lets Play Together events hosted on ZHG. The LPTs are held on Monday and Friday nights at 7pm GMT/UTC time.

Congratulations and good luck. Smile

That is the current message i have been posting. I posted this in the wiki section so people can make changes and suggestions. Please feel free to change anything about it as i think it should be a nice as possible but please post what you change below it so we can see how it has been improved Smile

RE: Application - Belendor - 11.08.2014 20:19

Alright. I am a unexpectedly a bit busy trying to deliver my commisions, after then I will be around IRC. Say two or three days.