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Gaarond~PL's application - GarondPL - 11.09.2014 20:56

- In game name: Garond~PL
- Steam name (if you use it) : dariuszm8
- Real name (optional) : Piotrek (Peter)
- Why you want to join ZHG :
Well, I used to lead The Fathers Clan few yrs ago, Fathers were playing on ZHG for many years, the siege server is like home, It's only server where I'm playing on. I really admire ZHG members and I feel to You all a big respect, I wish to be a part of that legend Wink I want to have some place in Warband community cause I have left all my clans in all modules. I also want to be needed and I feel I could manage it.

- Other games you like to play/interests: I do not like anything else. Viva la Warband! Maybe Warhammer Fantasy Battle, painting figures, making scenery but neither pc nor xbox, just Warband
- Age - 18
- Location (optional) - Warsaw, Poland.

Sorry for my English, I have so many lessons in my art school so I had to take off my English lessons

RE: Gaarond~PL's application - Gragnok - 11.09.2014 21:00

Heya Garond. Waffles or Pancakes?

RE: Gaarond~PL's application - GarondPL - 13.09.2014 11:04

Pancakes. But I like both

RE: Gaarond~PL's application - Nireco - 13.09.2014 11:46

Do you like random chatting of random things?

Or are you expecting to just play with us?

Do you expect to persist through less eventful times?

What would you do if the server went poof?

Do you think my answer/questions were too late?

I have no idea if you'll end up feeling to be needed. That quite much depends if and what you end up doing.

Place to belong might be easier to achieve. That probably depends on random chatting and persistence.

We might have been shifting slowly, bit by bit, away from warband. Though, some of us still play regularly. We'll see what happens when/if Bannerlord comes.

What do you think about virtual qwerty keyboards on phones?

RE: Gaarond~PL's application - GarondPL - 13.09.2014 17:55

I want to play with You all, being connected with such people and clan
Sure, I'm not interested in making carieer in WB, I used to lead Fathers Clan, I used to participate in war between Brothers Clan, I'm off of this, it's boring, I want to stay in a good clan like ZHG and play with honour for a good name of clan, also ZHG could be a good retiring for me, some static playing.
I don't know what I would do, I could send some money to restore server but I'm not so rich, it may lasts for a month, maybe less, maybe more.
Sure, I know that ZHG is not so active clan etc, I think that You have many more intresting things to do in real live (same as me) and I would feel really good with you.
No way Big Grin They was not too late, as I said I haven't much time so I don't check forum hour by hour.

RE: Gaarond~PL's application - Dumatadast - 16.09.2014 19:19

Your english is not that bad, it's actually pretty nice.
Are you aware that we DO NOT do things like clan wars etc.? We only act as a bunch of elderly people drinking tea and chatting, sometimes playing Warband.
And now, the most important questionof this year;

RE: Gaarond~PL's application - GarondPL - 27.09.2014 22:50

Sorry guys that I wasn't replying so long, I was on a trip in Iceland
I know I know, clan wars do not interest me.
Well I'm glad that You're asking Smile
I collect Warhammer figures, I have many dwarves and only few skaven units from starting set. And I prefer dwarves, I have two ellicopters, bowmen, gunners, guards, cannons etc... Big Grin

RE: Gaarond~PL's application - Dumatadast - 27.09.2014 23:18

You post me few pictures of your dwarves and then we're talking

RE: Gaarond~PL's application - GarondPL - 28.09.2014 21:00


That's my scenery, I will send dwarves later If I can Wink

RE: Gaarond~PL's application - Dumatadast - 28.09.2014 21:04