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Another_Fool Application - Fool - 02.07.2015 14:30

In game name: fool, bloodyman (not using this one anymore)

Steam name: bloodyman

Real name: Adam

Why do i want to join ZHG: Since me and my schoolmates parted ways i have been looking for a clan to play warband an other games mainly just to have some fun. I have been playing on a ZHG server for 5-6 months now and i can tell that it is the most reasonable one to play on (Nice and helpful people, no waiting till the next round to respawn, i hate battles for that).

Other games: Grand Theft Auto V, Serious Sam, League of Legends and some strategy games (Age of Empires, Stronghold, Civilization).

Interests: I travel alot (Sightseeing and stuff), for other interests it may be snow sports and of course video games.

Age: 18

Location: Poland

RE: Another_Fool Application - Blixn - 02.07.2015 21:51

To follow protocol I'd like to inform you, if you by chance have not heard, that we are not competitive. Most of the time we spend chatting and sometimes we play Warband together (or some other games).

On a more serious note:

Albatraoz or Beethoven?
What do you know about KGB and botheu?
How much a fool would you say you were on a scale 1-11?
Eat Melons or Vermin?

RE: Another_Fool Application - Fool - 02.07.2015 22:26

Yes i know that, maybe that is what i was looking for because playing with competitive clan was disaster for me (cRPG only). Since i have no job for the time being i am doing nothing all day and night.

- Albatraoz or beethoven ?
Chopin, i play Waltz in A Minor and Prelude on piano.

- What do you know about KGB and botheu ?
Russian FBI or somethin. Botheu no idea what is that.

- How much of a fool i am, scale 1-11.
I smart enough play Warband very good.

I would say 3/11.

Eat Melons or Vermin ?

(Water) Melons.

RE: Another_Fool Application - Iruvatar - 02.07.2015 22:38

Ollo fool ! Smile

Not knowing about botheu is a good thing..
Also, I hope you have patience, lots of it, cause you'll need it.
What's your favourite colour ?
What's your favoutire class in Warband ?
No Total War in those strategy games you like ?
How comfortable are you with chatting ?
Snow sports ? Ski jumping ? Adam Malysz ?

RE: Another_Fool Application - Fool - 02.07.2015 22:52

- Favourite colour.
Yellow, colour of my toothbrush.

- Favourite Warband class.
Cavalry, Horse Archer, lots od throwing weapons.

- Total War games.
Medieval Total War II, just to see how the Spy fails in cutscenes.

- Chatting.
I can use teamspeak or any other voice chat (i know what IRC is).

- Snow sports.
Classic skiing (eating germknödel and kaiserschmarrn) and ice skating.

RE: Another_Fool Application - Dumatadast - 02.07.2015 23:01

Dear Fool (lol)
Couple of questions for you;
Pierogi or gołąbki?
Two-handed sword or two-handed axe?
Do you hold the belief of jews ruling the world?
What is your opinion on iced coffe?
'Carpe diem' or 'Memento mori'?
Dwarves or elves?

Iruvatar, Małysz has retired, sadly Sad

RE: Another_Fool Application - Fool - 02.07.2015 23:10

Grandma's Pierogi, gołoąbki are disgusting for me.

Two handed sword, every two handed axe is unbalanced (not for me).

Hopefully i'll be dead before jews will rule the world.

I don't drink coffee, can't sleep without it anyway.

Carpe diem, i don't really care what happend yesterday.

Witcher 3 dwarves, more fun with them.

RE: Another_Fool Application - Nireco - 02.07.2015 23:13

(02.07.2015 22:52)Another_Fool Wrote:  - Chatting.
I can use teamspeak or any other voice chat (i know what IRC is).

Was this intentionally worded to sound like you don't like text based chats, including irc? Or was it just unfortunate coincidence from the sentence structure?

RE: Another_Fool Application - Fool - 02.07.2015 23:16

The only time when i had to use IRC was to find some PvP matches for call od duty 2 long time ago.
I haven't used it for any other purpose, i don't know.

RE: Another_Fool Application - Gragnok - 03.07.2015 16:05

Hi Another Fool

You now have IRC access. You can join our IRC channel by clicking on the chat button in the top right of the forum. Our IRC is pretty central to our clan so its quite essential that you join it and get to know us a bit Smile