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Application - Nuuskamuikkunen - Nuuskamuikkunen - 02.07.2016 20:48

In game name / Nuuskamuikkunen
- Steam name (if you use it) / you can add me.... Konopka
- Real name (optional) / Mikael
- Why you want to join ZHG / Im old veteran player....i quit to play napoleonic wars because it was boring already.... i have been playing it from old mm starting time when mm mod started to be community,but i havent ever played native so active and now when i quit to play napoleonic wars im gonna start to play native mainly....because i cant quit whole playing...i have been playing Mount and Blades multiplayers more than 3200 hours.
- Other games you like to play/interests / many multiplayer game's... newest is overwatch.
- Age / 30
- Location (optional) / Finland

Im mature player...veteran gamer in M&B... i have always been in clans or community and half players dont even know what i have done in community and thats my little secret... i have been in every biggest and best clans in napoleonic wars and have been admin in couple good server....but sadly i have straight mouth so i say what i think and because that i have got many *enemies* who hates me....i have never licked anyones ass like many others have been. I wanna join your guild/gaming community because ZHG have best siege server in native.... im not good player but often best of 5 on kd list and i gets often ban vote's because rage when i kill someone. Today i was vote banned again without reason and i hope ZHG tag would stop those annoying ragevoters to start the ragevote's when there is ZHG member online in server.

RE: Application - Nuuskamuikkunen - Nireco - 06.07.2016 18:13

Sorry for the delay. We seem to be getting worse at application handling as time passes.

Anyways, I activated the chat link in the upper right corner for you, so you could check that. There are usually some people around at least almost every evening (in addition to me, but I might be actually away even if I'm there, as I have irc client permanently on).

Edit: Retracted as there was no response and we decided we should close recruitment section until Bannerlord.