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New Hoster - van - 14.07.2011 11:56

Somehow it took 2 hours to move everything, but we're on a new hoster now.

Hopefully, everything will run more smoothly here.

Good Hunting,


RE: New Hoster - Gragnok - 14.07.2011 11:57

thanks a lot for spending the time to change that van im sure it will make a big difference to ZHG Smile

RE: New Hoster - Vermin - 14.07.2011 22:17

It does make a difference, its faster now Smile

RE: New Hoster - Zarayna - 15.07.2011 18:11


It actually loaded in less then a minute



RE: New Hoster - van - 08.12.2013 15:34


the hoster will be performing maintenence during 23:45 - 01:30 CET today. The board will not be accessible during this period of time.

So, better log into mibbit before that time Tongue

RE: New Hoster - Gragnok - 08.12.2013 18:09

nooooooooooooo irc