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Unban - Severil - 03.04.2012 08:41

Hello there!
Now, sorry for the distinct lack of information in this ban appeal, but it's all I remember from the ordeal.

I was banned from ZHG_TDM.

I requested for myself to be banned (some personal reasons mainly involving anger), the person who carried out the ban was Lisen. (I'll see what more information I can find out from Lisen when I next come into contact with him).

This is where my memory fails me, I do not remember which name I was playing under, though no doubt I could find some clues. Nor do I remember which time I was playing when I requested the ban, I believe it to be some months ago (3 to 5 months-ish (I was also playing with my friend Flashybastard)). I'll scrape together what I can find today and if I find anything I'll edit it back here.

Well, I believe I'm ready to be unbanned as I have calmed down alot lately and do not rage as often as I used to.

I'll PM my ID to whichever admin asks for it, I believe Gragnok knows me as 'Vagface' from quite some time ago.

Again, sorry for the vague information.

RE: Unban - Gragnok - 03.04.2012 14:12

Hi there

Interesting that you asked Lisen to ban you lol. If you have your game ID you can just post it here and i will unban you.

RE: Unban - Severil - 04.04.2012 14:39

Hey, thanks!

My ID is 388446.
I asked to be banned due to my temper, and since then my temper's pretty much gone. So I assume I'm safe to be around when on TDM Tongue.

Thanks again!

RE: Unban - Gragnok - 04.04.2012 15:30

unbanned now.