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Peasant uprising 18. Feb - van - 16.02.2011 18:21

Fellow Calradians!

As their can never be too much events, we thought up not just one, but a whole series of events! In Stories of Calradia, we combine storytelling with our much loved multiplayer: Each game played on our server will have a short story posted here, explaining why this battle/siege/FnD/capture the flag/... is taking place. There will be story arcs, where each event will define how the story continues as well as one time events.

And it gets even better! As some stories just can't be played in standard equipment, most of the playing on the server will happen in uniform. Yes, that means the whole team has the same equipment, which is not-upgradable - but it wouldn't do if we suddenly had peasants running around in Heraldic Armour, would it?
Same thing with players per team - as the same amount of Knights will always win vs Peasants, numbers will be adjusted to gain balanced gameplay.

Some events will require Nirecotive. Simply for the matter that a story that takes place at night should be played at night!

That being said, on with the stories! We'll start the first ark this Friday (18.02.), 19 GMT on the ZHG server.

If you like the concept and wish to contribute, feel free to write your own stories. We'll see what we can do about them Smile
Peasant uprising
For a long time, the peasants of Haringoth Castle have been suppressed brutally by their Lord. When a call to arms from the King himself draws the Lord and a great portion of his army away from his castle, the villagers decide to use the opportunity to make a stand.
They may have no good weaponry, but they're many and they're enraged. Frightened, the steward of the castle sends a messenger to his Lord.
But the war binds his troops, so all he can send is a handful of Knights to restore the order in his home.
But the villagers refuse to be intimidated by the troops. They have come so far, too far to stop now. They are determined to fight for their freedom. They spend a last, frightened night together with their families, knowing that with the dawn, the knights will storm their village. Expecting no mercy, the peasants, men and women alike, rally together for a last, desperate battle.
It's a beautiful day. White fog is softly rising from the river as from afar the neighing of the horses can be heard. For a moment, it's quiet. Then, with a fearsome warcry, the knights break through the fog.
The battle has begun.

It's a beautiful day to die.

Gamedetails: show
Gamemode Battle
Map Field by the River
Wheather Sunrise, light fog
Team 1 (Kingdom of) Swadia
Team 2 Swadia(n Peasants) [will have advantage in numbers]
Arc Info Wins by MoTF count as wins for Peasants
Equipment Team 1
- Surcoat Over Mail, Mail Mittens and Mail Chausses
- Knightly Heater Shield, Bastard Sword, Light Lance
- Courser
Equipment Team 2
- Straw Hat, Tunic with Vest
- Pitchfork, Butchering Knife, Stones, Stones

Map: show
[Image: 2_09_02_11_4_21_29.png]

Knight: show
[Image: 1_25_01_11_6_37_17.jpeg]

Peasant: show
[Image: 1_30_01_11_6_06_34.jpeg]

Yes, I know, this is no Pitchfork.

RE: Stories of Calradia - Peasant uprising 19. Feb - Gragnok - 16.02.2011 19:11

sounds brilliant, i cant wait Big Grin

RE: Stories of Calradia - Peasant uprising 19. Feb - Thel - 16.02.2011 19:28

WAHAHAHAHAHHAH I CAN'T WAIT Big GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig Grin zhg-smileyzhg-smileyzhg-smileyzhg-smileyzhg-smileyzhg-smiley

RE: Stories of Calradia - Peasant uprising 18. Feb - Uriel - 17.02.2011 16:42

Tomorrow! \o/

It's just like a double rainbow all the way across the sky!

RE: Stories of Calradia - Peasant uprising 18. Feb - iood - 17.02.2011 20:05

had a sudden change in plans, so not sure if i will be able to visit and if I will, it would be only for an hour or so Sad((

P.S make some screenies pls, so if i won't be there i still can have a look at how it went Smile

RE: Stories of Calradia - Peasant uprising 18. Feb - Leoven - 18.02.2011 09:15

My magical sphere tells me.....

Ermm its cloudy atm sorry,

Ill see if I can be there, Either as a peasant slashing nasty man! or a staby staby peasant!

RE: Stories of Calradia - Peasant uprising 18. Feb - Gragnok - 18.02.2011 21:26

That was GREAT we should do other stories in the future mabye one every two weeks. Thanks to everybody who put work into organising and seting it up Smile

RE: Stories of Calradia - Peasant uprising 18. Feb - Thel - 18.02.2011 21:30

Was awesome, got into it a lot. Shame I left early. Thanks though!

[Image: 5_18_02_11_8_40_01.png]

RE: Stories of Calradia - Peasant uprising 18. Feb - Nothorn - 18.02.2011 22:54

(18.02.2011 21:30)Thel Wrote:  Was awesome, got into it a lot. Shame I left early. Thanks though!
Spoiler: show
[Image: 5_18_02_11_8_40_01.png]

Nice picture Thel!

It's a pity that I missed this event, now I have to wait for the next one Smile

RE: Stories of Calradia - Peasant uprising 18. Feb - Nireco - 18.02.2011 23:07

Screenies, pruned them from 655 to 5 screenshots.

[Image: 2_18_02_11_9_50_02.png]
Knight stabbing the peasants in their village

[Image: 2_18_02_11_9_50_57.png]
Another knight doing what his lord told

[Image: 2_18_02_11_9_51_08.png]
Peasants and knights clashing on bridge

[Image: 2_18_02_11_9_51_10.png]
Peasants have grabbed horses from knights and are lancing unmounted knights with their pitchforks

[Image: 2_18_02_11_9_51_13.png]
Felt hat round dedicated to Daeran