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RE: Shinobi_PL Application - Vermin - 21.11.2012 00:39

What do you mean by 'non-verbal communication' exactly?

Do you like waffles?

RE: Shinobi_PL Application - Melons - 21.11.2012 00:42

Who is your favourite DBZ character? Tien is mine :o

RE: Shinobi_PL Application - Shinobi_PL - 21.11.2012 12:11

What do you mean by 'non-verbal communication' exactly?
- Body language

Do you like waffles?
- yes but dont eat often


Who is your favourite DBZ character? Tien is mine :o
I dont know, maybe Goku but i like almost all this fighters

RE: Shinobi_PL Application - Gragnok - 21.11.2012 15:25

You have been accepted as an Apprentice. This means you can and should use the ZHG_Apprentice tag and join IRC. The link for IRC is in the top right hand corner of the forum and says "chat"

You are now a representative for ZHG so you should avoid trolling, abusive behaviour and language on all servers.

It is very important that you use IRC if you wish to be accepted into ZHG as a full member.

The trial phase lasts approximatley 2 weeks. During that time you should demonstrate to other members why they should vote to accept you as a full member. The best way to do this is join IRC and chat and attend the bi weekly Lets Play Together events hosted on ZHG or ZHG TDM. The LPTs are held on Monday and Friday nights at 7pm GMT/UTC time.

Congratulations and good luck. Smile

RE: Shinobi_PL Application - Shinobi_PL - 21.11.2012 17:55

I make some screens on ZHG

[Image: ZKqBF.th.jpg]

[Image: sCUHE.th.jpg]

[Image: Luden.th.jpg]

[Image: K0oaZ.th.jpg]

[Image: yDpGf.th.jpg]

[Image: qX5BJ.th.jpg]

[Image: Esx4J.th.jpg]

[Image: 8n1r6.th.jpg]

RE: Shinobi_PL Application - Shinobi_PL - 23.11.2012 17:17

Best Score


RE: Shinobi_PL Application - Gragnok - 23.11.2012 22:10

you can post this on the forum in general now Big Grin not just on your application thread.

RE: Shinobi_PL Application - Shinobi_PL - 14.01.2013 17:24

Some new best Tongue

[Image: 5M6E.th.jpg]

[Image: mX69z.th.jpg]

[Image: 219RO.th.jpg]

[Image: qWsdj.th.jpg]

RE: Shinobi_PL Application - Gragnok - 14.01.2013 23:35

Nice screenshots Shinobi and congrats you are now a full zendar hunter!

RE: Shinobi_PL Application - Shinobi_PL - 15.01.2013 04:00

That's greate Smile

so I change nick