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Hi all - Sgt Pepper - 04.02.2013 21:47

Who remembers me then and how are you all doing? Big Grin

I kinda drifted away from MnB, got sidetracked with so many other things but now I'm back and as addicted as ever!

Nice to see there are still people playing.

btw what happened to capture the flag on Warband? I seem to remember spawns being broken at one point and servers stopped running it, did they ever fix it?

RE: Hi all - Blixn - 04.02.2013 22:10

Heeey, Pepper Big Grin

... nireco fixed them. So capture the flag are occasionally ran on ZHG servers Wink

RE: Hi all - Vermin - 04.02.2013 22:24

Hello, already saw you on the server Smile

CTF is rare though as we only run it when we play with a group and sadly that is rare nowadays. several active members not many playing atm Sad

RE: Hi all - van - 04.02.2013 23:03

Hey Pepper Big Grin

If you ever feel like dropping by for a chat, I enabled the link on the top for you!

RE: Hi all - Daeran - 06.02.2013 17:58

A revenant.