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is hammers forbidden on ZHG_TDM server - ster - 21.02.2013 12:52

I was recently playing on ZHG_TDM and received threats from someone named Merlinz, he claimed to be coowner of ZHG server and threaten me to be kicked from server for so called "hammer faggotry". I answered that it is not written in server rules that hammers are forbidden, he answered with some generalization "hammer/archer/cavalry faggotry is forbidden and such fagots like you ruin warband" and again aid he will kick me. I decided to step back since he was very confident and it was not really important to me, but still i feel a little offended by such aggressive demands and behavior.

Im not the one who can be afraid, since im playing with ping of 90-100 and im really decent player, was using only sledgehammer, since i had no money for great hammer, was using it for fun, not to grind scores or something, i believe hammers not the best weapon to do it anyway, i was not playing as archer or cavalry.

Wants to ask if using hammers is forbidden? Is hammer/archer/cavalry faggotry is forbidden? If no what should i do in such situations?

RE: is hammers forbidden on ZHG_TDM server - Gragnok - 21.02.2013 13:16

Im afraid you got trolled. Merlinz has nothing to do with ZHG or ZHG TDMs administration. There is absolutely no rule against using hammers, archery or cavalry. If someone attempts to troll you again in a similar manner please ignore them or just laugh at them.

I have searched the logs for the last week (after 7 days they are automatically deleted) and i only found 1 mention of Merlinz when he joined the server today and he didnt do anything wrong then so sadly i cannot ban him at the moment as i have no evidence.

RE: is hammers forbidden on ZHG_TDM server - ster - 21.02.2013 13:33

Thank you for clearing this out. I will do as you advisedSmile