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Mapping pitfalls
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white zhg symbol Mapping pitfalls

Doors Wrote:Intermediate
  • The different scene props for doors are confusing?
  • You are not sure which ones you can open?
  • You are not sure which ones open only from inside and which ones only for team 1?

Here is spoilered all the openable doors for warband:

Spoiler: show
Collection of the doors in the warband scene editor. This collection only contains the interactive doors and one non-interactive.

List of used terms:
  • Sally door in: Opens from the direction of the camera, when the object is selected from the list and added to the scene. Can be closed from any direction. No special restrictions for either of the teams.
  • Sally door out: Opens from the opposite direction than that of the camera, when the object is selected from the list and added to the scene. Can be closed from any direction. No special restrictions for either of the teams.
  • Team 1 door: Team 1 can open and close this door from any direction. Team 2 can not open this door from any direction and can only close it.
  • Opens instantly: This door opens instantly, that is when you press the F, it opens. Most of the doors are of this kind.
  • Delayed opening: To open this door, you need to press F for certain time. If you are familiar with winch_b and movable ladders, the delay is similiar.
  • Not openable: This "door" can't be opened.
  • Openable for both teams and for any direction: This door can be opened by either of the teams and from both directions.
  • Strong: This door will withstand many hits before breaking.
  • Weak: This door will break easily
  • Not breakable: This door is not breakable

List of doors:
[Image: 2_08_02_11_3_41_46.png]
Screenshot with all the openable doors in warband, plus one non-openable. The list of features for these doors is below.
  • A: castle_e_sally_door_a
    • Opens instantly
    • Sally door in
    • Strong
  • B: castle_f_door_a
    • Opens instantly
    • Team 1 door
    • Weak
  • C: castle_f_door_b
    • Opens instantly
    • Team 1 door
    • Weak
  • D: earth_sally_gate_left
    • Opens instantly
    • Sally door out
    • Strong
  • E: earth_sally_gate_right
    • Opens instantly
    • Sally door out
    • Strong
  • F: viking_keep_destroy_sally_door_left
    • Opens instantly
    • Sally door out
    • Strong
  • G: viking_keep_destroy_sally_door_right
    • Opens instantly
    • Sally door out
    • Strong
  • H: door_destructible
    • Delayed opening
    • Openable for both teams and for any direction
    • Strong
  • I: viking_keep_destroy_door
    • Not openable
    • Not breakable
  • J: castle_f_sally_door_a
    • Opens instantly
    • Sally door in
    • Weak

  • If you want a weak sally door, your only option is castle_f_sally_door_a.
  • Watch out for viking_keep_destroy_door. It looks nice object, but it can't be broken.
  • All the doors opens to the same direction, even though some of them opens from the different side. Those doors just open to inside instead of to outside.
  • When placing the smaller doors, you should place your camera inside, select the door from the list and place it. When placing larger doors, you should place your camera outside instead.
  • All the team 1 doors, which are useful as castle's internal doors, are weak doors.
  • DO NOT invert doors

Spawn point 0 Wrote:Intermediate
  • Missing spawn point 0?
  • Have placed spawn points until 63 and spawns are still wrong?

Create a spawn point with any number. Select that spawn point. Change the spawn point number in your toolbox to 0. The name of the spawn point might not be updated before restarting the map, but it will be saved as spawn point 0 anyway.

when you create the first spawn point to the map, the editor sets it to 0. But if you ever delete the spawn point 0, the editor will not create it to you.

Not all spawn points placed Wrote:Easy
  • The players are not spawning to the entry points I have placed

Make sure you have placed all the entry points 0 to 63. These entry points are handled in Native as spawn points. If some of them are not placed to the scene, they will be automatically generated. Expect the auto-generated spawn points to be at the worst location, thus you should always have all the spawn points 0 to 63 in your multiplayer scene.

CTF flag positions Wrote:Easy
  • I want to place CTF flags, but I don't know how.
  • My CTF flags are in wrong location.

CTF flags are located at entry points 64 and 65. 64 is the flag position for team 1 and 65 for team 2. If the entry points are not placed to the scene, they will be auto-generated in seemingly random locations.

Siege flag Wrote:Easy
  • I want to place Siege flag, but I don't know how.
  • My siege flag is in wrong location

Siege flag is located at entry point 66. If the entry point is not placed to the scene, it will be auto-generated in a seemingly random location.

Master of the field flag Wrote:Intermediate
  • I don't have MotF flags in my battle map (even when they should appear)

Entry points 67, 68 and 69 are used for MotF flags. If they are not placed there will simply be no MotF flags in the scene. The flag will also be postponed if any agent dies in about the last minute before the flags would normally appear. The flag will not appear as long as the smallest distance between two opposing agents is less than 7 meters.

Team spawns Wrote:intermediate
  • Teams are not spawning to their own spawn points.

In Native, all the spawn points (entry points 0 to 63) are considered just generic spawn points. On some threads in the internet, you might be informed that entry points 0 to 31 are for defender and entry points 32 to 63 are for attackers, this is not true. Agent from any team may spawn on any entry point in range 0 to 63, as long as it fulfills other restrictions. However, in siege game mode, I strongly suggest you to use 0 to 31 for defender and 32 to 63 for attacker spawns.

Some game modes have additional constraints for the spawn locations. Siege game mode tries to spawn defenders withing 70 meters from the siege flag and attackers more than 70 meters away from the flag. Still, on a highly populated server these restrictions may not work in NativeNative. The result for breaking the restrictions will usually be either attacker spawning in the castle or defender spawning outside of the castle.

Native CTF ... I won't even start to explain, it makes no sense anyway. Nirecotive ctf spawns agents in the radius of admin settable value from the flag of the agent's team. If you need to add maps into Nirecotive, you should be able to do that with mapadder2 (can be found from mbrepository)

I'm quite sure my information is correct, but if there is any mistakes, please inform me.

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04.08.2011 20:26
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