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Unban Request
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white zhg symbol Unban Request

Server(s) you are banned from: ZHG Siege

What name you were using and why you got banned: I cant remember too well, but it would've been something very vulgar. Best bet, it's something along the lines of Scabby Scrotum. The name suggests it all really; I was needlessly abusive towards everyone.

Why we should unban you: I cant really come up with a pretty sounding excuse for my actions. I got banned a long time ago, when I was fairly new to the idea of Warband multiplayer. I got a kick out of being able to use abusive words in my character name. I can safely say that the triviality of griefing other players has worn off; I just want to get back to playing properly.

Time and date of the ban: As I mentioned, It was a long time ago. I cant remember a specific date.

User Identification Number (If you know it): - Not sure what it is? Is there a way to find out?
01.02.2014 16:34
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RE: Unban Request

We will look into it
01.02.2014 17:59
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RE: Unban Request

It rings a bell, but that name does not show up on the banlist.

Either the correct name or your ID, I cant find you otherwise.
Go on a server and as the Admin for your ID, it will be a unique number (like 459307 or 186537).

01.02.2014 21:20
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