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Troll on server
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white zhg symbol Troll on server


This night on ZHG Siege there was a troll using old chatbox trolling and writing down things as being someone else. Sounds confusing? Let's see.

In chatbox you write down something like "Smile" or some normal message. Then you need to a huge amount of spaces and then write [some_nickname_here] Hey, I'm noob or whatever you want to make it look like that person is saying it. This time it was very rude messages like "Last night I suck my father's d***" and so on.

Person doing this was called XIII-Baker. Wanted to report this because have seen many times people using this way of trolling to get people fighting each others on chat and even acting as an admin sometimes on different servers.

With best regards
11.04.2014 00:08
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RE: Troll on server

I never liked people who do that, thankyou for bringing it up. He will be dealt with.

11.04.2014 17:22
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