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Packet Loss
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white zhg symbol Packet Loss

I play a lot on the ZHG server. The last few months the server seems to struggle whenever more than ~30 players are on the server. The ping is good, between 15-20ms, but there is clearly packet loss. This is especially evident when riding a horse. Sometimes the connection even drops, disconnecting me from the server.

My internet connection is not the problem. At home I have 200/20mb cable which is very stable and always has a good ping to the server. I know this because I monitored the connection by doing a ping to the server every 5 minutes for 24 hours. I tried at work, where we have symmetric 1 gigabit fiber and the same problems occur. My pc is runs warband never below 80 fps (capped).

There seem to be more people with these problems, although many players with ping 50+ probably don't notice.

Just wanted to report this, because it could be that the host of the server is overbooking too much leading to these problems. If it's a dedicated server I would look into the datacenter connection overbooking. This is usually shared between racks.
30.08.2014 13:40
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RE: Packet Loss

Its a warband problem, not a serverproblem.

30.08.2014 17:17
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