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Gaarond~PL's application
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RE: Gaarond~PL's application

Do you like random chatting of random things?

Or are you expecting to just play with us?

Do you expect to persist through less eventful times?

What would you do if the server went poof?

Do you think my answer/questions were too late?

I have no idea if you'll end up feeling to be needed. That quite much depends if and what you end up doing.

Place to belong might be easier to achieve. That probably depends on random chatting and persistence.

We might have been shifting slowly, bit by bit, away from warband. Though, some of us still play regularly. We'll see what happens when/if Bannerlord comes.

What do you think about virtual qwerty keyboards on phones?

[Image: WPw9N.png]
13.09.2014 11:46
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