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I was Ban
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white zhg symbol I was Ban

Hey ZHG, My Brother played on your server and he use the name "ZHG~Gragnok", so he was banned instand... i would play on ZHG, please de-ban me ._. PLEASE! -.- im so sorry about my brother.Sad It happend a long time ago, maybe 5-7 months ago... I would play today because last time i must work hard for school.. so i see i was banned ask my brother and he tell me, he was banned because he use the name of gragnok.. My brother play, not i... please unban, i changed the password so he cant login anymore ://
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18.12.2014 19:37
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RE: I was Ban

I have banned so many people over the years who use others names and impersonate admins and not a single one has admitted it was them.... They ALWAYS claim it was their little brother. If you wish to be unbanned you need to submit a proper ban appeal using the template provided.
19.12.2014 15:09
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