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unban request
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RE: unban request

(15.08.2016 13:41)pep11 Wrote:  Im playing on your server since several years, and I was allways been swearing in hungarian, english, french or german, and it was tolerated through all this time - just like for anyone else who wrote dirty things. Nothing pointed on the real possibility, that it can bring the ban penalty. According to this, banning me was a sudden and autocrate decision of your admin, whos identity is still not clear, but I think he was the one who had HipHop in hes name.


My rage does no harm to anyone, not a single word is true of that shit I usually text in my language.

I already told you that you are expected to present at least a small degree of propriety on the server. If it doesn't harm anyone then sure that's nice, but swearing is still forbidden.

(15.08.2016 13:41)pep11 Wrote:  3. I explained, why Im using hungarian, Im not hiding my insults - Its more expressive, more creative, and that can not be an insult, what can not be understood. You forexample I insulted directly in english. I always do that, when I really want to insult anyone. Hungarin stuff is just for me, and it helps.

And so we did explain. You are still showing no sign of shame or regret that you were swearing, even though we stated it is NOT permitted in any way.
The fact that it has been tolerated or ignored or simply not seen does not justify continuing doing it. If you get away with smuggling, does it mean it's permitted? Does it mean you should continue to do it? Does it mean the police won't be after you anymore? Reflect upon it.

I am sealing this thread, please appeal again in three weeks from yesterday.
15.08.2016 15:31
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