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Nireco Offline

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RE: Application.

My perception of public opinion is to let you have trial time (or whatever it should be called). A relatively long (or a relatively short, depending where you relate to) period to get to know you better and to evaluate how well you would fit in.

You should now have access to the chat section. Link can be found from the upper right corner. The numbers tell how many active (have said something in the last hour) and total people there is on the channel.

You are allowed to use a very long trial member tag ZHG_Apprentice (Maybe we should get some better idea for that tag at some point?)

And you seem to already been told about TS.

(26.05.2011 08:20)Gragnok Wrote:  Nice PC. if you want to know more about its stats you can use that site. Wrote:Browser and/or OS not supported.
  • Available for Windows Vista*, Windows XP*, Windows 2000*, and Windows 7*.
  • Compatible with Internet Explorer*, Firefox*, and Chrome* browsers.

Though, I don't probably need that site that much

edit: oh, I got my own page

[Image: WPw9N.png]
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26.05.2011 08:44
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Zarayna Offline
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RE: Application.

Big Grin

Welcome, fellow apprentice!

...Hope you don't stay one as long as me. Tongue

Sine Deo nihil sumus
26.05.2011 14:45
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Vinniemannn Offline
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RE: Application.

Lol. Congratulati---thingy to you Zara =D

Yeah.. I'd love to use that tag =D

And yeah.. i curse sometimes.. but only to empower my words, not to insult somebody. If it gets too bad, just sneer at me Blush

Well, thanks for allowing me into the chat =D
Ima go on the server for 40 mins now...

But i already told you guys several times that i wont be on as long i can login.
Study.. school.. and other bullshit D=

But, when i get the chance, will. =D

Thanks for letting me in as a apprentice =D


God created the whole world. Except Holland. We took that from the sea ourselves.
27.05.2011 16:09
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