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Nirecotive Information & Download for Nirecotive
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white zhg symbol Information & Download for Nirecotive

Nirecotive offers enhanced game play currently exclusive at the ZHG server.
Nirecotive is a Native compatible mod, which provides the following additions to Native:
  • Rain/Snow and fog
  • Varying Daytimes
  • the ability to buy heraldic armour and torches
  • Improved GUI (Game Rules, Equipment Selection Screen)

Important notice: Due to the nature of TW coding, some aspects like weather won't work correctly immediately when you join our server. Leaving and joining again or waiting for the map to change will fix this issue.

Following changes have been made that can also be enjoyed with an unmodded Client:
  • Fixed CTF spawn points. All players spawn in a radius around their base.
  • Empty handed gift. If you spawn without weapons, the server will gift you one randomly.
  • Restricted equipment. We've added an option to disallow certain equipment on our server. If you're running Nirecotive, the selection screen is adapted accordingly, if not, you'll see the items, but you won't actually be able to buy them.
  • Advanced autobalance. Nirecotive is able to autobalance teams according to scored points in stead of simple team size.

(Some of Nirecotive's features are made public and can be used even on servers hosted with client version, like fixed CTF spawns.)

To install Nirecotive with provided lite version, copy it to Modules folder of Warband and unzip it. If for some reason it don't place the files correctly, just copy the text files to Modules/Native. Installing Nirecotive will modify Native, consider to backup your Native first. No tests about single player has been made.


Download from mbrepository

Spoiler: show
[Image: nirecotivepic2.png]

[Image: nirecotivepic1.png]

We has the Margaret!
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RE: Information & Download for Nirecotive

Dear community,

I'm proud to announce the public release of Nirecotive 2.0. As usual, all golden stars and glory for coding go to nireco, he's done some really nice things:

(As usual, only some of the features are available for game hosting, those a marked with a star *).

I'll start with the features new to our server:
  • Cheering!* Ever wanted to rise your arms to the sky in triumph after you captured the castle? You can now do so by pressing M. Note: you won't be able to walk around during the time you cheer - you can still block though, if you get attacked.
  • Custom polls.* You're now able to poll things like "Should I play archer next round?" or whatever your heart desires. Note that only Nirecotive users will be able to vote on custom polls
  • Mirror Polls* That kick poll clearly is a stupid rage poll, vote to kick the poller by pressing 3.
  • Buy the pistol! If enabled, you will be able to buy the much loved Flintlockpistol from the equipment selection screen.

You don't need nirecotive installed to enjoy:
  • Poll results.* Once a poll is over, the server displays the amount of votes cast for each option.
  • Uniforms We can set the equipment for each team to the same - hilarity is sure to ensue...
    (Slots occupied by an uniform equipment are shown in red on the equipment selection screen for nirecotive users).
  • More variety in sieges/CTF. Get bored of the flag being at the same place all the time? Well, no more, if there is an willing admin online, the flag can (and will) be moved to different places.
  • Fading of riderless horses. No more thousands of Steppe Horses cluttering the space before siege ladders!
  • and many, many more!

Things your client will "fix" for you even on Native servers:
  • Persistent Equipment selection. No need to select your favourite equipment again after swtiching troop type, Nirecotive will remember your selection for each troop and faction.
  • Clickable Scoreboard. Clicking on a player's name on the score board will enable you to start a kick/ban poll with giving a reason for the poll (Reason works only on Nirecotive servers)
    Note: this feature can be disabled by pressing F9.
  • Friend marking. Click "Choose a player" on the scoreboard. Now you'll be able to set players as "friends". Friends are shown by a white + on the scoreboard and a white + in the banner of friendly troops. Sadly, this will only work until the map changes.
  • ...

For a full list, including screenshots (in progress), see

  1. Navigate to the Modules folder of Warband (usually C:\Program Files\Mount&Blade Warband\Modules).
  2. Make a backup of the folder called 'Native'. In the provided archive file, you'll find an folder called 'Native'.
  3. Extract the archive in the Modules folder and say yes to overwrite all files.
    Alternatively, just copy all *.txt files from the the archive to the folder 'Native' in ...\Mount&Blade Warband\Modules.[/size]

Download from mbrepository (direct link)

We has the Margaret!
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