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Grimelex's application :D
Grim Offline
Zendar Hunter

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white zhg symbol Grimelex's application :D

Hey guise Smile I'm Grim or Grimelex as I have been playing as. Anyway I've been playing Warband since it was released and have amassed some 145 hours of gameplay on it by now, according to steam D: That's quite a lot actually.
Anyway, recently I've been finding myself playing on the ZHG server alot, partly due to the Nirecotive (which is absolutely awesome, thanks guise!) but also partly due to the fact that I just love Siege and some beautiful 47 or some such ping. After meeting Nothorn, Gragnok and Thel who are really nice I've become interested in joining up for myself as I just think you seem like a really nice community to be in Smile

A little bit about myself.
I'm 18 and male from the UK, I also play Halo, the first one on pc and have been in a large clan called =CE= for 19 months or so now (barring the occasional break due to irl events) and once held a leadership position there. ( =CE=s site is here)

Are there any particular rules I should know about?

P.S. Feel free to add my steam account, it's Grimelex
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19.02.2011 19:27
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Nothorn Offline
Zendar Hunter

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RE: Grimelex's application :D

Thank you for the application.

Now all you have to do is answer to our (probably upcoming) specifying questions and wait for our desicion.
19.02.2011 20:49
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Nireco Offline

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RE: Grimelex's application :D

Missing some tactical information (or... some of them are not that tactical):
  1. Why do you want to join zhg?
  2. I guess I meant if there is any other reasons than meeting three nice people.
  3. What do you think about using ranged weapons?
  4. I heard you know we are not competitive. So, I guess you know it?
  5. And you also know it means we don't really have any matches, trainings and such. And mostly just play together, have occasional events, etc. Though, currently large part of our active members are mostly playing other game.
  6. Are you patient enough? It will take a relatively long time for us to accept anyone, as we are not competitive and want only people who will fit into zhg. Checking this will need you to meet a large amount of our members.
  7. What do you think about member activity? Many of our members have long inactive times (, at least I think so)
  8. Have you heard/used IRC (Internet Relay Chat)?
  9. Do you have headset, microphone, teamspeak?
  10. You are not just spy trying to get full Nirecotive module?
  11. What do you think about CoR?
  12. What do you think is the best way to count bananas?
  13. What do you think about nick haxers?
  14. Do you think zhg-white or zhg-smiley is better?
  15. What are your thoughts about competitive playing? Even though we are non-competitive.
  16. Do you have any anti-devanisher beam guns on your shelf?
  17. Do you know what "¿?" is according to some people? Or what you see in that?
  18. What would you do, if you would step in from door, say hello and get immediately ThElInAtEd?
  19. Bothteu
  20. Do you think I have too many questions?
  21. Do you want more questions?
  22. Would you have preferred having these questions sorted? I have sorted version in spoiler below.
  23. I have go image that we don't have that much steam users.
  24. 145h in over half year doesn't sound that much, but I probably just play too much etc., nice amount anyway. (Checked and I have over 600h time on TW forums. Only 161h on these forums)
  25. Rules, hmm... be a nice person? If you like rules, we have some on our teamspeak channel. Do we have 100 or 200?

The same questions sorted by ascii value with 80 characters per line and some spaces left out: show

[Image: WPw9N.png]
19.02.2011 21:17
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Blixn Offline

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RE: Grimelex's application :D

He's got a bad habbit of sorting things.

Also, do you like Belgian Waffles?

Rider of goats, Maker of pffs, Hunter of aimers and Webble of Inox.

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19.02.2011 21:24
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Thel Offline
The Thelinator.

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RE: Grimelex's application :D

Ah, Grimelex, yes, I have seen you fight a few times over the past week or so. You've caught my eye - I am not quite sure why, however. Nonetheless, it is a pleasant if not tentative surprise to see your application here (one recently was "Peasant Uprising").

Do note what Nireco has mentioned, we are not competitive and battles against other clans happen rarely. We simply play Warband for entertainment and companionship, with the odd server-event in-between.

I have only one question about your nature, but it is very important, in my opinion;-

Previously, as a leader, have you ever found yourself frustrated by the action(s) of your teammate(s), or the negative outcome of a battle due to [someone-else's] fault?

Spoiler: show
(This is for fun)
Describe yourself in 3 words.

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19.02.2011 21:38
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Nothorn Offline
Zendar Hunter

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RE: Grimelex's application :D

I have only one question:

Do you think that you can answer all Nireco's 25 questions?

[Thel]: Did you read all of Nireco's 25 questions?
[Nireco]: Are we supposed to have conversation in Nothorn's post rather than quoting it and making a new post?
[Thel]: Yes.
[Nothorn]: Nireco's questions increased to 27. Feel free to continue the conversation.
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19.02.2011 21:45
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Gragnok Offline

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RE: Grimelex's application :D

Hallo Grimelex Big Grin
19.02.2011 21:59
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Grim Offline
Zendar Hunter

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RE: Grimelex's application :D

@ Nireco.
1. I simply would like to be part of a pleasant community to play Warband with.
2. Meeting three nice people from one clan is usually a good indicator of what the entire clan is like Smile
3. Ranged weapons can be very frustrating but I respect everyone who can wield them effectively, it must take a lot of patience and practice to master a bow.
4. I have been told that this is a non competitive clan and that is completly fine by me. I am not interested in Wars, challenges, competitions, etc. Just a nice community to play with.
5. Occasional events will be nice Smile
6. I'm in no rush to get things done, as long as you guys think it needs. I can still enjoy your server in the meantime Big Grin
7. I think that long, unexplained absences can drag a community down by pure weight of having so many people missing as the effect can just end up snowballing with people simply forgetting about the guild. In =CE= we devised a system where if there was 60 days of unexplained absence then the member would be kicked from the clan but also welcome to come back if they ever remembered about us again, I still believe this policy is a good one. However if you explain a long absence I think that any amount of time is fine, as much as is required.
8. I know a little about IRCs but not a great deal. I know a lot of servers used for IM software work on them but I've never ventured into using IRCs directly, I suppose.
9. Yes, I have a microphone and have the latest teamspeak 3 software. I use it fairly often. Does ZHG have a teamspeak?
10. Certainly not, I care not for how you've managed to do what you have just that you have managed it. Nirecotive is amazing, I love it.
11. CoR is another community isn't it? I really know very little about it other than seeing a few players with it in their names.
12. Pick them up and if bunched then un-bunch them one by one. If there's a pile then separate them into 2 piles as you work through them. Just the most methodical way.
13. I think it's deceitful and wrong but also unavoidable. Having some software like Xfire or Steam as a requirement when you're online and gaming can be a way of making sure who someone says they are really is them.
14. I like the one with the white background best.
15. I think it can add a new depth to a game but it simply makes a game too serious for me. I don't want to play so that I'm in direct competition with pressure on me to succeed, I want to play to relax.
16. I have some highlighter pens.... does that count? Smile
17. I don't know what it means but i'd just presume it's a general sign of confusion. looks like a Spanish question mark followed by an English one.
18. I'd be like "Whut?"
19. Rings a bell.... I have no idea why though.
20. Some of the questions are a little strange but not necessarily too many
21. If you have any more to ask I am happy to answer them.
22. Where to start on that sorted version....
23. If you don't have that many steam users do you use any other type of program to communicate amongst yourselves?
24. Hmm, i suppose in half a year it's not that much but I do have a fair few other commitments in my life such as work and college which suck up a lot of time and then there's meeting with friends too which takes from a little bit of my free time but I am on almost every day all the same. Perhaps not all that much every day though.
25. I'll try to do my best to be myself, it's all i can truly be.

I LOVE belgian waffles! The only place that i know that sells them near me is the train station, I go there sometimes just to get the most delicious waffles ever.

I've never found myself frustrated at anyone because they didn't quite do something right, I'd always try to just press on and correct it through more hard work. What's happened has happened, no point in dwelling on it and anyway you might be able to save a situation if you focus on the task at hand and even if you can't there's always a next time.

Jeez... only 3 words.... okay i got one:
Not enough words.

Hai Gragnok Big Grin
19.02.2011 22:36
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Nireco Offline

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RE: Grimelex's application :D

9. Yeas, ZHG has teamspeak channel.

13. Not all nickhaxing is done with mean things in mind. I have highly haxed ingame nick, but I wouldn't do anything bad with my skills. Also, we have few times played with exactly same looking nicks, just for fun.

19. Bothteu have been written into our server's welcome message sometimes.

22. I have no idea

23. I'd say quite many of us use irc for communication when not playing anything.

26. Have you yet managed to spot any of our events? Not too high probability for that, I think.

27. Generally looks like we'll let you to trial time. Purpose is to get most of us know you and get a better picture of what kind of person you are. Also to increase communication. There is actually not too much difference between trial time and when (/if) you get in. You will get access to chat located in the upper right corner of the site.

[Image: WPw9N.png]
19.02.2011 23:15
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Grim Offline
Zendar Hunter

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RE: Grimelex's application :D

I saw the peasants and knights event although I didn't actually join in on it Sad

You'll have to help me out on setting up a raw IRC then, unless it's the chat in the top right of the site?
So trial time is kind of like a probationary period?
19.02.2011 23:19
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