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YusufMH Application
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white zhg symbol YusufMH Application

- In game name: YusufMH
- Real name (optional) Yusuf Mustapha H.
- Why you want to join ZHG: I like the idea of (non-competive clan Smile ) and the server you making your events has a good ping for me.
- Other games you like to play/interests: M&B warband,Napleonic Wars,Chivalry,empire total war, generally any strategic game.
- Age :20
- Location (optional) :Saudi Arabia, but I come from Turkey.
26.01.2013 14:21
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RE: YusufMH Application

Hallo Yusuf! Thanks for your application Smile

A few things you should know before we continue is that most ZHG members are inactive on warband. We are all waiting for mount and blade bannerlord and playing other games like bf3, league of legends, planetside 2, chivalry and Napoleonic wars etc etc.

The main activity we do together is play these other games and chat on our clans IRC. We dont hold regular events on native warband anymore im afraid. Anyway we like your application, its short and sweet and you seem like you could be a very interesting guy so we have decided to make you an Apprentice.

This means you can and should use the ZHG_Apprentice tag in-game and join IRC. The link for IRC is in the top right hand corner of the forum and says "chat"

You are now a representative for ZHG so you should avoid trolling, abusive behaviour and language on all servers.

It is very important that you use IRC if you wish to be accepted into ZHG as a full member.

The apprentice trial phase lasts about 2 weeks during which we will get to know you and then have a vote to decide if you become a full member.

Look forward to chatting with you Wink
26.01.2013 16:06
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RE: YusufMH Application

Hmmm, I thought that this clan for warband is active :\. i really forgot about bannerlords though, and yes, I play Napoleonic wars, and chivalry, I prefer NW of course Smile, I have BF3 but I don't like it Big Grin..
So delete this post no need for it I guess! Smile .. but i'd like to join chivalry clan but, i don't like the gameplay of it, warband is better! Tongue.
thanks for your reply Smile .
26.01.2013 23:22
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RE: YusufMH Application

I never see you on zgh sige server
30.01.2013 02:16
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